Friday, October 14, 2011

Every 40 seconds, somebody dies from suicide.

Stop. Just pause for a moment & look around you. The things around you. The people around you. Do they make you happy? Or do they make you feel odd and worthless? Do they make you smile? Or do they make you cry? Do you blame them for all the difficulties you’re going through? Or do you blame yourself for being such a disappointment?

Do you know why you’re living? Or what you’re living for? Do you even want to live in the first place?

Because; there are thousands of people dying right now, at this very moment. Be it by illness, accident, or even suicide – but the death of a person means the death of their dreams, of their wishes, their regrets, their past successes and their past failures – the death of a person who has fully lived their life to the maximum.

But what about those who didn’t get to succeed? Who didn’t get to witness their miracles? Those who didn’t get experience the beauty of love, friendship, family, and heartbreak? The ones who are aborted – they’re killed even before their lives begin – they don’t get the chance to feel the wonderful wind, see the sea or eat ice lollies. They don’t get to live at all.

But you do. No matter what you’re going through, be it heartbreak, failure or whatever, be it whatever, you are lucky enough, because you’ve got the greatest miracle of all – a life.

So go out there and live it. Live it.

Maybe there are thousands dying right now. Now. But guess what? You’re still living; you’re still breathing, arent you? You get to listen to beautiful music, you get to sing your heart out, eat as much as you want, and do whatever you like – you get to do whatever you want to do, feel whatever you want to feel, see whatever you want to see. Understand the importance of that.

So the next time you think of picking up a blade, smile to yourself & change your mind – you can do it. :)

Live for those who cant. Live for those who couldn’t. Live for those who wouldn’t.

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